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Meridian North Stake Center Chapel • 5555 N. Locust Grove Road • Meridian, Idaho 83646 • MAP

FREE reservations are recommended, but not required. PLEASE come, even if you don’t have a reservation!

Sessions begin every 30 min. and the total experience lasts about one hour.

Questions? Please email minsevent@gmail.com.

About The Living Christ Event

The Living Christ is a Community Celebration of Holy Week, Easter, Passover, and the miraculous atonement and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This event includes sacred, live depictions of da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, and two other paintings of the Savior’s life and resurrection, with narration and live actors.

This year, we are thrilled to announce the additional display of a rare, authorized copy of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, Pietá, depicting grief-stricken Mary holding the crucified body of Jesus Christ. Every effort has been taken to ensure this event portrays the highest devotion to the Savior and the sacred events of that first Holy Week. We invite you to prepare your family and friends to attend in a spirit of reverence.

Before the presentation of the live paintings, you view the Pietá, peruse informative displays about Jesus Christ, His original Apostles, the ancient Passover Feast, Holy Week, and Leonardo da Vinci. You will also view a short video reviewing the events of Holy Week and the resurrection of Christ. We hope this experience helps you to focus your Easter season on the Lamb of God.

TICKETING: This is a FREE event and all are welcome. Reservations are recommended, but not required. PLEASE come, even if you don’t have a reservation! See the three black buttons titled “Click Here to Reserve a Time for…” (above) to obtain free reservations. Please try to arrive by your scheduled time. Tardy arrivals may need to wait for a later session. We kindly ask that any reserved tickets that will not be used be canceled prior to the event in SignUpGenius. (See https://www.signupgenius.com/faq/edit-rsvp.cfm for details on how to cancel or edit your sign-up.) You may also cancel by sending an email request to minsevent@gmail.com.

WHO: All are Invited! Please consider inviting friends, family and neighbors to this extraordinary event. We will reserve some seating in the chapel for wheelchairs. Please note the presentation in the darkened Chapel contains a reverent narration and some young children may have difficulty remaining quiet for the 15-minute presentation. We ask that your children stay with you at all times.

EVENT DETAILS: Wednesday, April 6-Friday, April 15, 2022, including Saturday and Sunday. Each presentation of The Living Christ begins every 30 minutes. Upon arrival, guests will first be directed to the Cultural Hall (gymnasium) to view the Pietá and informational displays. Next, attendees will enter classrooms to watch a short video reviewing the events of Holy Week and the resurrection of Christ. Lastly, all will be guided to the Chapel to enjoy The Living Christ presentation of live paintings. Once begun, this portion lasts approximately 15 minutes. In total, please plan to spend about one hour at the meetinghouse for this event. Ushers will direct guests to the various locations of The Living Christ experience.

Please arrive at your reserved time to ensure your place in the respective session and to assist us in providing a safe flow of guests.

WHERE: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Meridian Idaho North Stake Center Chapel, 5555 North Locust Grove Road, Meridian, Idaho (see map below). Please enter the building via the south foyer.

THE PIETÁ: This year, we are thrilled to announce the presentation an authorized, full-scale copy of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, Pietá! Both Michelangelo and his magnificent sculpture became famous almost immediately after its completion in 1499. The artist was only twenty-four years old. Michelangelo chiseled Pieta from a single block of Carrara marble, which he claimed was the most perfect block of stone he ever sculpted. He also claimed that he could “see” the sculpture within the marble itself and that his job was merely to remove the excess in order to free the image inside. The sculpture was unique in the Renaissance because it was multi-figured and Michelangelo’s Mary was surprisingly youthful and peaceful. The sculptor’s painstaking attention to detail and lifelike treatment of the hair, skin, and countless curves, folds and recesses of the fabric gave Pietá both texture and substance. It is nevertheless, the artist’s masterful ability to render emotion from the cold marble that gave the sculpture its breath of life. Michelangelo’s biographer and fellow artist, Giorgio Vasari, described “It is certainly a miracle that a formless block of stone could ever have been reduced to a perfection that nature is scarcely able to create in the flesh.”

Detail of Michelangelo’s “Pietá” in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Italy (Photo licensed by Alamy.com)
The full-scale replica of “Pietá” on display at this event. This is one of four authorized replicas of the masterpiece in the world.

EVENT DISPLAYS: The other posters and displays prepared for The Living Christ event are meant to provide three-dimensional and multi-media learning, similar to museum exhibits. Plan to spend some time exploring these displays prior to viewing presentation of the live paintings. The displays will deepen your understanding of Jesus Christ, His Apostles, Holy Week, Passover, Easter, and the Resurrection. You will see replicas of an ancient Passover feast table (or triclinium) and a doorway depicting how the sacrificial lamb’s blood protected ancient Israelites from the destroying angel. Six-foot tall posters detail facts we know about Jesus Christ and each of His original Twelve Apostles. Other charts describe events of the Holy Week and Passover.

The three sacred paintings portrayed at this event with live actors and narration: “Woman at the Well”
by Carl Bloch; “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci; and “Risen Hope” by Joseph Brickey.
A model depicting blood on the doorposts for the first Passover of the ancient Israelites.
A model of an ancient U-shaped table or triclinium. Scholars believe this is the style of the table used by Jesus and His apostles for the last supper meal.
Large posters detail what we know about each Apostle.

DRESS: All are welcome, and there is no specific dress code for The Living Christ. Many will wear nice, casual dress, and some will wear Sunday best.

STUDY TOPICS RELATED TO THE LIVING CHRIST: If you wish to study or teach your family about the Last Supper, Holy Week, Easter, and/or Passover before the event, below are some links to websites containing related scriptures, talks, and videos.

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Map of Event Location:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Meridian North Stake Chapel: 5555 N. Locust Grove Road, Meridian, ID

Please enter via south foyer of the meetinghouse